I am excited to share some information about a project I have been working on.

As some of you may have seen, small business owner David James, Representative Hugh McKean, and I met with CBS News earlier this week. The story aired last night and I wanted to share that with you.

Not everything can be covered in a short segment and I’ve been receiving a lot of questions. I wanted to provide why I am excited about this and how I am working to continue moving this forward.

Aside from using unclean PPE, a fear among health care professionals is bringing anything infectious into the home. Health care professionals, myself included, have a routine of stripping down in the garage, dropping clothes in the laundry, and heading straight to the shower. The new reality is this goes beyond the health industry and extends to the entire community – from store clerks to restaurant workers, to correctional facilities to homeless shelters.

Over the last week I’ve been in contact with many healthcare facilities in Northern Colorado to pursue this innovation to protect their patients, residents, and staff with overwhelming interest.

What is it? What does it do?

This equipment can hold PPE and get to the temperatures recommended by the CDC (70 degrees Celsius). It can heat whole rooms to decontaminate an entire facility’s PPE. Staff could go into this room and be decontaminated, not bringing COVID home or undressing in the garage.

Here is the best part. The equipment is available for use right now! It has been used for many years. There are no chemicals that could have unknown effects for staff. Unlike UV, it can be quality controlled. This is very important. With simple thermometers, you can be confident that every piece of equipment is decontaminated. Front line staff and others KNOW they have clean equipment.

Here is why I’m really excited, this can go beyond healthcare. Jails, homeless shelters, grocery stores, and even schools.

An amazing opportunity to watch private industry doing what they do best. Reuse at its best. Collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking at it’s best.

Just a couple citizens getting together to do what we can to help. I just wanted to help my friends on the front lines and everyone else.

Demo will come this week and then hopefully will be implemented immediately and beyond Northern Colorado. More to come.


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