Below are just a few of our true community leaders that are supporting Aislinn Kottwitz for Larimer County Commissioner in District 3.

Tom Donnelly
Larimer County Commissioner, District 3

Bob Schaffer
Former Congressman, Founder of Liberty Common School

Representative Hugh McKean

Senator Rob Woodward

Steve Johnson
Larimer County Commissioner, District 2

Kathay Rennels
Former Larimer County Commissioner

John Clarke
Former Larimer County Commissioner

“I’m honored to endorse Aislinn Kottwitz as my successor for Larimer County in District 3. She is proven to make fiscally responsible decisions, she will protect the rights of her constituents, and has a track record of relentless common-sense policy for her constituents. I’m confident Aislinn is the leader we need for Larimer County.”

Endorsed by current Larimer County Commissioner, Tom Donnelly

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