About Aislinn Kottwitz

Aislinn Kottwitz is a native to Colorado, raised in Rocky Ford, the melon capital of the West! Growing up in an agricultural family and community, she has always admired the fortitude and resilience of the men and women who work the land, the unsung heroes in this great state. Aislinn was raised in a family of self-starters and entrepreneurs who created businesses from the ground up. They taught the value of hard work, self-reliance and the importance of utilizing resources.  Aislinn is a certified registered nurse with experience in trauma, neurological, and surgical intensive care. Her ability to make tough decisions soundly and compassionately caring for others who are unable to speak for themselves is her passion.

Aislinn is a passionate patriot who loves her country. Aislinn was drawn to civil and political issues from a very early age and has been active with the Larimer County GOP since being a student at CSU over 20 years ago.  Her willingness to serve in any way she can translated to her commitment to serve as a Councilmember for the City of Fort Collins from 2009-2013. As an elected official during the last recession, she is keenly aware of the prioritization and innovation that must occur in order to revitalize the economic health of Larimer County. 

As a Councilmember, Aislinn had a proven track record of never compromising her values and always voting her principles.  Her experience includes bringing the headquarters for a large corporation to Fort Collins, which supplied hundreds of primary jobs as well as negotiating the revitalization of mid-town while never supporting the use of eminent domain.  Her experience also includes, balancing a $300,000,000 budget, being on the board of Poudre Fire Authority and serving as a liaison to the Youth Advisory Board.  Aislinn was committed to protecting private property rights, economic growth, and the health & safety of the citizens of Fort Collins and has a proven record of following through with every one of those commitments. 

Aislinn has been married to her husband Mike, a Fort Collins native, for 14 years and have two amazing daughters ages 9 & 11.  She is an active volunteer in many aspects for her children including 4-H, athletics, and has served on the Board of Directors of their school – Liberty Common Charter School – for the past five years.

As the political climate of Colorado continues to change, it is imperative we keep fighting to elect officials to represent YOU and your values. Elections matter! We need strong experienced leadership to guide our community into the future.

Aislinn has experience and the ability to fight for every person in Colorado with compassion and a deep understanding of how to make common-sense policy.  She believes in individual freedoms, private property rights, fiscal responsibility, and the health and safety of every citizen of Larimer County. 

Aislinn is Larimer County.  We are Larimer County.  We are the best of Colorado. Aislinn is the best to represent you as Larimer County Commissioner!

“I am not a politician running for an elected office. I am a fellow community volunteer, the parent sitting next to you at parent-teacher conferences and the nurse who knows how to care for people and advocate for patients in our community. I am your neighbor who understand the need to fight for the future of our community with common sense and solution-oriented leadership.”

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